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Feeling Fat, Foggy-Headed and Fatigued?

Are you interested in:

  • Achieving Your Ideal Weight
  • Regaining Your Health and Energy
  • Reversing the Aging Process

Dr. Norton has helped 100’s of patients reverse neurological, gastrointestinal, autoimmune, and chronic illnesses.


Paid workshops will take a deeper dive into the topics below.
The price of the workshop includes 3 group sessions for each series topic. 

Each call is 1.5 hours and there will be 3 calls per topic.
Cost – $450 (Limit 6 participants per group) 


Food Pollution: How it is Aging You and Your Children and What You Can Do About It

Food Pollution: Feeling Fatigued, Fat, & Foggy Headed? Think Thyroid for Relief!  

Food Pollution: GMO or OMG? 

Food Pollution: Eat More Fat, Raise Your Cholesterol and Live a Longer Life!

Food Pollution: Obesogens, Carcinogens, and Toxins, Oh My!

Food Pollution: Gut Spring a Leak? Plug it Up and Live Longer

Food Pollution: Sugar = A Baggy Butt, Brittle Bones and A Beached Brain!

Food Pollution: Food Addiction Is a Thing! Beat It and You Can Live Lighter and Longer!

Food Pollution:Soak up Sun and Grow Young

Food Pollution: How Obesity is Aging Us

Food Pollution: Pulverize the Pounds With Real Food

Food Pollution: Sleep Like a Baby; Fit in Fitness and Soak up Sun Safely

Food Pollution: Holy Fukushima! Why Your Child Might Live a Shorter Life Than You Unless You Act Now

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Dr. Renae Norton at the age of 71

Interested In Individual Sessions or Family Sessions?

Here at the Norton Wellness Institute, we offer evening and weekend hours, individual, group, and family therapy as well as nutritional guidance and coaching for a healthy lifestyle. 

My approach is a different way to thing about your diet.  Imflammation is the biggest threat to poor health, including excess weight.  My approach focuses on non-inflammatory foods that restore health and sense of well-being.