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5 Uses For Old Coffee Grounds
By Dr. Renae Norton

I stopped drinking coffee several years ago and then COVID hit, and I had knee surgery and my coffee shop basically closed. This was the trifecta of depressing events for me as I went to my coffee shop every single day of the week. Unfortunately when it re-opened the owner decided to open at 8o’clock…


It’s a coffee shop 🙁

AnyHoo, being the early bird that I am, I had to find a new coffee shop and oh my goodness did I find a good one! This is a perfect example of how everything happens for a reason. I sincerely believed I could not live without my old coffee shop. I did all my writing there, my only friends were the people I hung out with there every day, and most importantly the baristas‘s let me bring the mixture that I used in my tea. They even frothed it for me:) Where would I ever find another place like this? It was my Cheers. (If you don’t know what Cheers is you can stop reading now.)

Like Cheers, where everybody knows your name, and no one sits in your place, I had my own table, seriously. It was in a corner up against the wall so as to help with my ADD tendencies. If the owner was sitting at “my table” when I came in he would actually get up gather all of his papers and move to another spot despite my “insistence”that he stay.

I wasn’t the only one with a favorite table. In fact we all kind of respected each other’s space. You could always tell when there was a newbie in the shop because they would sit at Mark’s table or Tom’s table or my table not understanding the protocol.

Guess what happened to my table after COVID? They put a humongous refrigerator where my desk used to be! What?

But also, I’m an early bird and waiting until 8 o’clock for coffee or tea or whatever I am drinking at the moment, is like wasting half the day as far as I’m concerned.

So Deeper Roots (DRs) is an Oakley neighborhood coffee shop run by these amazing young people who care about the earth and care about coffee and they open at 6:30.

They take good care of their customers. I was grieving the loss of all of my friends at my former coffee shop and even though I can’t hang out at DRs, as there’s no indoor seating yet, I was still made to feel welcome by this kind and highly professional staff.

I think I came off a little desperate to connect at first. I was on a mission to learn everybody’s name and felt enormous peace when they could remember mine. It was like I found my new home.

Back to the transition from tea to Coffee. They serve organic coffee which is to die for at DRs. I had my knee replaced about eight months ago and a friend who was staying with me to take care of Moli, the dog, stopped one morning and got coffee and brought me a cup as I had read that caffeine could help with post surgical pain and recovery. Well that was all it took. I have been hooked ever since. I asked her where in the name of all that’s good had she gotten the coffee and she explained to me about DRs.

In theory, I drink coffee one day and tea the next. In reality I buy 2 cups of coffee on the coffee days which really lasts me until the next morning, which is supposed to be a tea day. However I do add the tea to my day old coffee at some point on tea days to keep me honest. Tea is very good for you. Coffee is also good for you if you don’t drink too much of it.

I just discovered this morning that DRs has their own compost bin outback where they compost all of their coffee grounds. Why does this not surprise me? Of course they do. I was asking the barista, Meredith, if they gave away old coffee grounds because I like to use the grounds in my garden.

Although I was very proud of them, I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be going home with coffee grounds 🙂

Coffee grounds can be quite amazing and if you aren’t recycling them you should definitely consider it. For those of you who are coffee lovers and actually make your own coffee, consider using the grounds in your garden as well as for other purposes.

Here are just a few of my favorite ways to use coffee grounds:



Coffee grounds are a natural exfoliant. They’re easy to mix into a face or body scrub by adding them to coconut oil, Nimoy oil or any other good oil. It helps to remove dead skin cells. Plus, caffeine has antioxidant properties.

See recipe HERE


Some say coffee can add a deeper, richer tone to your hair. I have natural silver hair and this would not work for me, but if you have dark or auburn hair I think it might work very well.

To try this, let coffee grounds sit in a jug of water for a couple of hours. Drain the grounds and use the water to soak your hair. Wrap your hair on top of your head and put on a shower cap. Wait until your hair is almost dry before you rinse. Besides the rich color, you’ll also notice increased shine because the acid in the coffee grounds can also strip hair of buildup.


Believe it or not there is good read research showing that the residual caffeine left in your coffee grounds can activate your body’s own processes of repairing cellular damage. This makes the bath a great place for another way to use your coffee grounds.

See recipe here: Place 1 cup of used grounds in a nut milk bag, or wrap it into a cheesecloth pouch and secure with a string or rubber band. Draw a bath and place your “coffee ground bath bomb” in the warm water. Add ½ cup epsom salts for extra relaxation.


Studies have found that caffeine can help reduce the puffiness around your eyes. I have tried this and it really works. I have one eye that has a puffy place and creates a sort of a wrinkle on my cheek. Just one.

OK I know that may sound a little bit obsessive, but oddly the coffee grounds are the only thing I’ve ever been able to find that actually removes the wrinkle and the puffiness. Go figure!

To try this at home, apply used coffee grounds in neem oil or coconut oilto the area beneath your eyes and gently wash it off once it’s dried. As a bonus, a study also showed that caffeine applied to the skin helps eliminate the dark circles that appear under your eyes that make you look tired. Who knew?


Dry, used coffee grounds are abrasive and acidic, which is the perfect combination for getting rid of burnt on gunk in your frying pan.
Just gently rub coffee grounds into pots or pans that have been soaked and watch the sticky stuff disappear.

Note: Don’t use any abrasive cleaners on glossy or nonstick surfaces. Use coffee grounds in situations when you’d feel comfortable using steel wool, like gunky baking sheets and grill grates.

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