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The Beauty Of Vinegar
By Dr. Renae Norton


If you are a fan of vinegar like I am, raise your hand.

We celebrated my grandson’s birthday this weekend and my daughter-in-law and I got into a discussion about vinegar.  She was amazed at how emphatic I was about its usefulness 🙂

I use distilled white vinegar (or sometimes cleaning vinegar) all the time for all sorts of things. 

I use it as a fabric softener in the washing machine, and it does an amazing job….softening, removing odor, removing stains, and disinfecting.

I use it to clean pretty much everything, floors, counters, the kitchen, bathroom and even my dining room table.


Though the dining room table is burled walnut and cost a small fortune 30 years ago, it has this incredibly hard finish that you can use glass cleaner, and more importantly for this discussion, vinegar to clean.

You can use vinegar for all kinds of stains on almost any material. It does not bleach them it simply gets them clean.  For example, when we were having my grandson’s birthday dinner out on the gazebo, we stained two of the brand new light beige seat cushions.  Ugh!

Given that there were three teenage boys, a grown man, tow neat-freak women and a 2 1/2 year old, I was surprised that the only people staining the seat cushions were myself and my physician daughter-in-law…  I still can’t figure that out.

I spilt balsamic vinegar and olive oil coming from a caprese salad on my cushion and I’m not really sure what she spilled on her cushion but it looked reddish so maybe lobster and butter juice? LOL

Anyway, here are the before and after pictures.


How about that?

In another example, I have a very light colored carpet in my basement, where I just spent the last six weeks convalescing from my total knee replacement surgery. At one point I spilled an entire cup of coffee with cinnamon and coconut oil on my pale grey rug.

At another point a service man tracked some kind of black grease from his work boots onto the carpet… from one end of the room to the other. (Whatever happened to covering or removing shoes before entering?)

Anyway, in both cases my cleaning lady used vinegar and water in the rug shampooer. The stains are completely gone.  I just wish I had done a before and after picture but unfortunately I did not.

Well although these are all good examples, the best example of all is that I used the vinegar in my windshield wiper instead of windshield wiper fluid….and OMG!


Normally, with regular windshield wiper fluid I have to leave the wipers going for a couple of minutes and keep squirting over and over in order to actually get the windshield clean. Even then, it’s still not really clean. Then, I have to dry it and dry it and dry it because of all the streaking going on. Anybody else been there?  Usually by that time I am fed up with the whole process and I return to my car thoroughly frustrated by the fact that it’s still not clean.

After my conversation with my daughter-in-law, especially when she got so excited by the before and after pillows,  I was inspired to try the vinegar in my windshield wiper container. 

(Side note – Did you know that if you own a MINI Cooper it takes two times of pulling up on the hood lever to get the hood to open? Why would they do that? Wouldn’t it make more sense just to pull the hood lever up once to open the hood? Oh, the mystery.)

Once I passed the roadblock of getting the hood opened, and once I had refilled the wiper fluid container with my precious vinegar, I must say that the entire effort was well worth the outcome.

Because, yet again….. Oh my goodness! 

First, it only needed three wipes, or should I say swipes? Secondly, it was spotlessly clean. Thirdly, it required absolutely no buffing and no wiping. And, finally there are no streaks!


Check this out….. I left the corner there so that you could see how dirty the windshield was before the handy dandy distilled white vinegar went to work.  Again, remember, only three swipes of the windshield wipers with the vinegar and we have a sparkling clean windshield with no streaks. Eureka!

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