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Sugar Busters

By Dr. Renae Norton

‘Tis the season! For eating lots of sugar… And that is not a good thing. But there are some supplements that you can use that are quite helpful at being sugar busters.

My favorite is citrus bergamot extract. I recommend the one by Double Wood supplements as it doesn’t have a lot of additional crap in it. This company makes a 1000 mg per serving supplement, which is higher than most other bergamot supplements on the market. In addition to supporting glucose levels, it also supports healthy cholesterol levels.

Another sugar buster that I find quite helpful is Organic Gymnema by Himalaya. It’s supports pancreatic function and as such helps us manage glucose levels. It comes in a 400 mg tablet.

Of course, the best way to manage glucose levels is to keep your added sugar intake below a certain point. Although you will see much higher recommendations from the FDA and certainly from the food industry, I believe that added sugar intake should stay below 16 grams a day.

In order to monitor this, you have to check the ingredients of all processed foods. What you will discover is it’s a lot easier to keep your glucose levels in check if you just stick to whole foods. Have I mentioned how incredibly delicious a grape is? Seriously, so sweet you don’t need sugar.

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