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I Can Smell The Worms
By Dr. Renae Norton

It is a beautiful spring-ish morning and my admin, Alli just walked in saying she could smell the rain.  I shared with her that when I was little, I loved that smell too but I was convinced that I was smelling worms.  

Here is how that conversation went with 4-5 year-old me and my amazing mother after a hard rain:

Me: I can smell the worms!

Mom: Really? That’s amazing. What do they smell like?

Me: Good!

Mom: I bet they do.  You like worms?

Me: Uhm.

Mom: Do you want to catch some worms?

Me: No, I just like to smell them.

A few years later, same discussion following a hard rain:

Me: I can smell the worms, I love the way they smell!

Mom: Hm.  Why do you think it is the worms that you are smelling?

Me: I can see them and I can smell them. 

Mom: Ah! That makes perfect sense, when it rains hard they come out of the ground and that is when you smell them!

She did not tell me until years later, that I was smelling the Ozone and associating it with the worms. How did she know it was good for me to form opinions based upon my observation and to trust them?  She could so easily have “corrected” me, right? She knew to let me have the joy of how lovely worms smell, if only for a few more years.

When I went outside this morning to see what Alli was smelling, I could still smell the worms. It’s the smell of a season changing. Spring and summer are eminent. That means there are other things that are on the way that I don’t look forward to breathing in. Glyphosate (otherwise known as RoundUp weed killer) specifically.

Around my neighborhood there is a movement gaining momentum. Many of my neighbors are petitioning each other to be cautious about the effects of using glyphosate in the yards of our neighborhood. Not the least of which effect is killing the worms. Beyond that, glyphosate has been labeled as a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organization (WHO) by being linked to birth defects, miscarriages, premature births, cancer – non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and hairy cell leukemia, DNA damage, autism, irreparable kidney and liver damage, infertility…. and the list goes on.  It’s being BANNED all over the world and finally some cities in America are taking action. My neighborhood being one. Yay!

Here are some articles I’ve written about the effects of glyphosate in our food as well as an option for an alternative pesticide!

Make sure that you support the folks who are fighting this glyphosate war, hopefully there are some in your neighborhood too. Then, take a moment to breathe in the first rains of spring and say hello to the worms for me.

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