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Knee Replacement Recovery - Week 4
By Dr. Renae Norton


scar healing knee replacement recovery week 4

Expedite your scar healing

In this segment on my knee replacement  surgery, I am going to describe the process by which I believe I significantly expedited my scar healing.

My scar was doing OK, except that I thought it could be doing better the first week. At that point I still hadn’t taken a shower and I wasn’t comfortable putting anything on the scar itself. Because I wasn’t happy with the rate at which the scar was healing I did some research and discovered that contrary to what my instincts were telling me, which was to keep it dry, it would probably be better to keep it moist.  The next question was with what? I’ve already shared with you my bias against petroleum jelly which is what many doctors recommend. I think that’s crazy. What I discovered was that one of the best antibacterials for wound healing is Manuka honey and further that mixing it with either coconut oil, grass-fed ghee, or olive oil is a good way to prep it for use on a scar.

Since I had grass-fed Ghee and Manuka honey on hand, I mixed the two together and began to apply it to my scar at night with a very delicate gauze sleeve cover it . 

I began to notice improvement in the scar almost immediately. And every day since I have been using this simple dressing.  Each day, I can see a difference. The scar began to flatten, thin out, and the redness faded. There is one part of the scar that is no longer visible. 

The following are pictures that I got off the Internet of people’s scars  at various stages in comparison to mine. Mind, I am only 4 weeks out, and most of these pics are further out than that. 

Scars of Others:

Scar Healing - Others Knee Replacement Recovery 5 Months
5 Months
Scar Healing - Others Knee Replacement Recovery 2 Weeks
2 Weeks
Scar Healing - Others Knee Replacement Recovery 6 Weeks
6 Weeks
Scar Healing - Others Knee Replacement Recovery 14 Weeks
14 Weeks

My Scar:

Scar Healing - dr_norton_1_week
1 Week
Scar Healing - dr_norton_2_weeks
2 Weeks
Scar Healing - dr_norton_3_weeks
3 Weeks
Scar Healing - dr_norton_4_weeks
4 Weeks

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