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Reduce Swelling after Knee Replacement Surgery
By Dr. Renae Norton

reduce swelling after knee pain

If you are wondering how to reduce swelling after knee replacement surgery..  Keep Reading.

Today was my two-week post-surgical appointment with the surgeon. It went very well!

He and his physician’s assistant both checked out the wound.  The comments went like this “Well all of the things I thought we’d go over; we apparently do not need to go over any of them. For example, I was planning on talking to you about the swelling… But you basically don’t have any swelling except for the knee joint itself. Likewise, I was going to tell you that the bruising would go away, but most of your bruising is gone.  Finally I thought we would be talking about how you can wean off the medications but apparently you have already weaned off most of the medications…”

Both practitioners seemed astonished that I was able to walk without much of a limp.  They explained to me that most people would not be walking much at all at this point and would still be using the walker for several more weeks. I ditched the walker almost immediately after I got home from the surgery. LOL

I am not recommending that you do that if you have knee surgery, but I really did not need it. I was able to navigate quite well without it. In fact, I found it to be awkward and cumbersome. And I was afraid that I was going to trip over it.

Cinese Patch For How To Reduce Swelling

The physician asked me if there was anything in particular I had done to reduce the swelling and bruising so quickly as there was quite a bit of swelling and bruising the day or two after surgery but very little 9 days out. The only thing I could think of that really made a difference with the swelling and bruising besides icing it three times a day, was that Chinese patch. Every place I put the Chinese patch there would be a square where the bruising would completely disappear. So I just kept moving the patch around to different places on my leg until most of the bruising was gone.

They asked me to bring them one of the patches at my next appointment.

My only beef with the surgeon who I think is amazing, was that he didn’t remove the Baker’s  cyst from behind my knee. I brought that up in the session and he explained that the Baker’s cyst would in fact go away. That currently it was quite large because it was draining the blood from the surgery which was normal. But that ultimately it would no longer have synovial fluid leaking and therefore it would simply disappear. I can’t wait until that happens because the Baker’s cyst is what causes most of the pain behind my knee. He said normally he would say anywhere from 3 to 6 months but given the rapid progression of my recovery, the Baker’s cyst might be gone in the next month or two. Fingers crossed!

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