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Knee Replacement Recovery - Week 6
By Dr. Renae Norton

 I certainly cannot complain about the progress I have been making with my knee replacement recovery. I have outpaced anyone that anyone knows of including my physicians, my physical therapists, and my patients, friends and family. I am rocking it no matter how you look at it! I am extremely grateful. I had a great physician, amazing help on the part of my staff Alli and Tina, and incredible support from family and friends.

I spent the day Friday moving back upstairs from my basement boudoir. I had some amazing help from a brand new housekeeper who is as OCD as I am, LOL, especially when it comes to organization. We made a great team 🙂

Had patients most of the day Saturday, did some final prep work for my eldest grandson’s birthday party, which was Sunday and got to bed early.  Birthday party was a huge success 🙂 That was last night and I’m definitely paying for it today.  I have lot of stiffness, but it was worth it.

Why Do You Think Your Knee Replacement Recovery Is Going So Well?

People keep asking me why I think I’m having such a good outcome. Everybody seems to think it’s because I was in great shape going into the surgery.  That’s actually not true. Going into the surgery, I was in the worst shape that I have been in in probably the last 10 years. In fact, the reason I did the surgery was because I could no longer do much of anything in terms of fitness using my legs.

I still had relatively good upper body strength but no lower body strength to speak of. In fact, and I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but I was reduced to taking my morning walks before it got light out because I was so slow it and because my limp was so pronounced that it was embarrassing to me. 

Over the course of the past year or so I had lost a lot of muscle mass in my legs. I couldn’t do yoga, I couldn’t dance, I couldn’t do squats or lunges, and it was extremely painful using many of the leg muscle building machines at the gym.

I attribute my success almost entirely to my clean eating and obsessive supplementing. Collagen is probably one of the most important things I do to encourage strong bones and healthy joints. As I have mentioned in the past I use Garden of Life collagen. 

Garden of Life Collagen for better knee replacement recovery

But I also make it a point to get vitamin D3 from sun light as often as possible. Since the surgery, that means covering up the surgical incision anytime I am out in the sun, because we don’t want sun on a scar.

Besides the collagen and the vitamin D3, I protect my gut with bone broth, (Click for Recipe) which also leads to healthy bones and joints. And of course there are all the supplements I take that support neurological and general good health. Read more about some of my favorite supplements HERE  

As much as I loved being in the basement, and it was unbelievably comfortable as basements go, I am so happy to be upstairs in my home again.

It is a lot walking up and down steps but I think I waited long enough, and even though it can be exhausting, I think I am beginning to build muscle again and stamina and that’s a good thing 🙂

Wish me luck

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