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Herbal Pain Relief Patch
By Dr. Renae Norton

Of late, I have been talking a lot about pain, or to be more specific my lack of pain. But this is a story about pain and a “pain medication “ that I came across “accidentally” that I had almost forgotten about until recently. Years ago, I dropped a jar on the ball of my right foot and crushed the sesamoid bones. I didn’t think much about it.  First, because I didn’t know I had crushed the bones and secondly because it wasn’t bothering me that much. But then it did. I mean it really hurt! So much so that I ended up going to the emergency room right around midnight. The physician’s assistant on duty, explained to me that this was an extraordinarily painful injury. 

After doing an x-ray showing that all of the bones in the bottom of my foot were crushed he explained that there was really nothing to be done, you couldn’t set such an injury, and at some point the bones might need to be removed surgically from the bottom of my foot, but in general it would just be a painful healing process. Indeed, he explained that the injury would become more and more painful and said he was going to write a prescription for opioids. I was astonished! I told him I didn’t need opioids, he said I did, and we sort of left it at that. He wrote the prescription, I left it there on his desk. 

Fast forward about 4 hours and I was in excruciating pain. I got on the Internet and searched on pain relief for bone pain and found a Chinese patch. I had it rushed to my home (I think the delivery fee was three times more than the actual cost of the patch) but worth every penny! Moments after I applied the patch to the bottom of my foot and wrapped it I felt relief. For the next three weeks as long as I had the patch on I was pain-free. It was like a miracle! 

I scheduled an appointment with a foot surgeon, and while in his office unwrapped my foot and took off the messy patch and he kind of chuckled. 

Dr. Wu  – “You’ve got a patch!” 

Me – “Yes are you familiar with this patch?”

Dr. Wu – “My father uses them.” (Dr. Wu is Chinese.) 

Me – “Oh really? But you do not?”

Dr. Wu – “Of course not! My patients don’t want something messy like this. They want a pill or they want me to remove the problem surgically.” 

Me – “ Just to be clear though, do you think the patch works?”

Dr. Wu – “Yes, I think they work quite well.”

Me – “Would you use a patch if you had an injury such as this?” 

Dr. Wu – “Yes I would if I still lived in China, but probably not now. “ 

Me – “Hmm. By any chance, does your father practice nearby? 

Dr. Wu chuckled and said “So you are going to dump me for my father?”

Me – “Well…”

Turns out his father is still in China. So not really an option.

Back to the patch 🙂 I wish I could tell you what is in the patch, or even the name of the patch, but I can’t because it’s all in Chinese on the package. I can send you a link if you would like to know how to purchase it. To be clear, I can’t recommend them since I have no idea what is in them but I can tell you I rediscovered the patch again recently vis-à-vis my knee replacement surgery. 

For some reason all of the ligaments, tendons and muscles attached to the new knee are extremely tight and cause a great deal of discomfort. I used the patch right after the surgery and was astonished to see the difference in the amount of bruising and swelling pre-and post patch application. What I wasn’t aware of at the time was pain reduction. I actually wasn’t having that much pain at that point. 

Flash forward to now and I have been having some pain in that leg, especially at night. Took me a while to remember the patch, partly because the first time I used it, it was really helping with the swelling and bruising. I searched around and was able to locate a couple bags of the patches.

I cut one in half and put it on my knee and within moments the pain was just simply gone! When I tell you this is like magic, there is a before and after effect that is so dramatic that you simply cannot miss it. For the heck of it, I put the other half on my other knee because it gets angry every once in a while, I think there’s too much pressure on it post-surgery as the new knee is still rather weak. Anyway, both knees responded amazingly well to the patch and no more pain!

Here is a picture of my patch: again not recommending it as I have no idea what is in it, beyond “Chinese herbs.” But let’s face it the Chinese are centuries ahead of us when it comes to medicine and this is one they have definitely figured out.


Since writing this article, I have also found the patch to be amazingly helpful with the arthritis in my hands that are kicking up right now because it is spring and I have been planting bulbs…..hundreds of bulbs and all the digging makes my hands ache a bit, but when I apply the patch, the pain disappears. I’m just saying 🙂

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