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""Fast Food" at Home
By Dr. Renae Norton

There’s fast food and there’s healthy fast food. Yes, I did say healthy fast food, but you won’t find it at a drive-through. It’s even more convenient as it will be in your refrigerator and readily available if you plan in advance. 

I know I have a reputation for preparing all my meals and cooking every night, but like everyone else there are times when I am too exhausted to cook. So, I don’t. But I do still eat clean without spending more than five minutes pulling together what turns out to be a very delicious meal:-) And so can you. 

In the photograph below you see that I am having homemade pickled beets with some 100% grass-fed full-fat cottage cheese on top, along with one chopped hard-boiled egg with a tablespoon of organic hummus on top,  a Paleo Valley beef stick  and a mouthwateringly delicious half of a watermelon. For “dessert” I am having six prunes  and a glass of raw 100% grass-fed A2 milk straight from the farm match to which I belong. 

It literally took me three minutes to put it on my tray so there was next to no preparation. I was completely satisfied with what I was eating. And as you can see it was very reasonable in terms of the macro nutrients. I did have the pickled beets already made as well as the hard-boiled eggs. but that is part of the point that I am making, I have those on hand all the time as they are an important add-on to many of my meals. I have a hard-boiled egg and a beef stick for breakfast many mornings along with a fruit and either coffee or Tea depending upon the day as I alternate them.

 If the idea of making pickled beets makes you groan, no worries, as this is not the way grandma used to make her pickled beets. These are refrigerator beets. None of that canning and steaming and storing…. this is just one big jar of pickled beets that last for several weeks. They are delicious as a side dish for any meal.

Nutritional Info
Calories per serving 444.1 
Total Fat 17g 
Total Carbohydrates 31g 
Total Fiber 4g
Total Sugars 18g
Includes 0 Added Sugars
Protein 28g

What is your favorite quick meal? Let us know 🙂

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