Celery Juice Is What’s Up Right Now
celery juice

Celery Juice Is What’s Up Right Now

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Celery Juice Is What's Up Right Now
By Dr. Renae Norton

What is all the fuss about? Is celery juice really that good for you?  If half of the research below is true, it is definitely worth the effort.  I am going to give it a try. Talk to you on the other side.

Let’s start with the benefits:

  1. According to medical experts[1] celery juice contains a number of powerful anti-oxidants and cancer-fighting compounds, one of which is called apigenin, which has been shown to kill cancer cells.[2] Celery juice can kill cancer cells? You have my attention.
  1. Celery Juice Has Important Nutrients:

    a.  Potassium, which is an electrolyte and an essential mineral that helps your body maintain healthy blood pressure levels and helps your muscles contract. It also aids in the breakdown of carbohydrates, which is essential for building muscle. A cup of raw celery juice contains 670 milligrams of potassium, according to the USDA.

    b.  Calcium is an essential mineral, that builds and maintains strong, healthy bones and teeth, and is vital for maintaining a strong skeletal structure. It also helps transmit information through your nervous system, and supports the blood vessels.

    c.   Vitamin K supports blood coagulation, making it essential for the healing of wounds and bruises. It also helps your body use calcium, making it important for maintaining healthy bones and teeth.

    d.  Folate is one of the B vitamins, that helps your body break down, produce and use protein.

  2. Celery juice is good for digestion:

    a.  Celery juice heals and activates the gut by restoring hydrochloric acid  which speeds up digestion and makes it more efficient. It does this by raising stomach acid, which is necessary to help break down foods, especially protein, which makes it especially good for those on a high protein diet.

    b.  Celery juice may heal the lining of the stomach and in so doing prevent ulcers and acid reflux.

    If it does heal the lining of the gut as well, then it may be a good substitute for bone broth for vegans you cannot do the animal-based bone broth.

    c.  By increasing circulation in the intestines, celery juice improves digestion.[4]  It’s good for constipation, bloating, puffiness and water retention, acting as a gentle, mild, natural laxative and diuretic. I can certainly attest to that. See below.

  3. Celery juice contains a compound called 3-n-butylphthalide that lowers LDL, the bad cholesterol.[5] Seriously? It lowers LDL cholesterol? That would be amazing.

  4. Celery juice is a natural anti-inflammatory as it contains Polyacetylene which reduces chronic joint pain, gout, and rheumatoid arthritis. Not only does it soothe the body, but it is also believed to soothe the nerves, with calming and relaxing properties.
  5. Celery lowers blood pressure[6] by acting as a smooth muscle relaxant, improving the flow of calcium and potassium in cells, allowing blood vessels to expand and contract with greater ease.
  6. Celery juice improves liver function.[7] The nutrients in celery not only protect the liver, they actually help the liver produce the enzymes that flush fat and toxins out of the liver.
  7. Celery Juice reduces blood glucose levels without increasing insulin.[8]Now I have heard everything.
  8. Celery Juice is one of the most alkaline foods you can eat! Research suggests that an alkaline diet lengthens life by preventing chronic diseases.
  9. Celery juice is good for your skin and hair as it contains essential minerals and vitamins such as folate, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin K, vitamin C, and luteolin. In other words, it is a medical miracle for the skin. The luteolin alone, has been shown to protect skin by preventing UV-induced damage. Many people swear by it’s skin healing properties, saying that it helped clear up skin conditions like psoriasis and acne.

I don’t know about you, but this is an impressive list and if it does half of these things, I am all in. Here is what I have experienced thus far:

Day 1

I juiced the whole celery bunch which made about 2 cups. You are supposed to drink it on an empty stomach and the only time my stomach is empty all day is in the morning, so I drank it first thing in the morning before I ate my breakfast.  I planned to wait 15 minutes before eating, OMG! It tasted so terrible, very bitter and it made me very nauseous. It also made my stomach hurt, a lot. To be clear, this is not like bloating.  It is sharper and my abdomen is not distended.

Eating was not an option.  Off to a dubious start to say the least.  After 45 minutes I filled the toilet.  Really, filled it.  That was a lot of poop. (Sorry.) I kept telling myself it was like doing a cleanse. After that I was able to eat and the rest of the day was fine.

Day 2

I cut back to half a bunch which made 1 full cup and tried rinsing it in water with vinegar.  It still tasted pretty bad but it didn’t make me quite as nauseous. I waited half an hour before having breakfast.  It took an hour and a half before I had another big poop.

Day 3

I rinsed it in clean water, no vinegar and it didn’t really taste bad this time at all. Did not have the laxative effect this time either.  Is my gut cleaned out from the first two days? Ate breakfast 15 minutes after slugging it.

There is definitely a difference in my skin already.  It is softer. I know that sounds ridiculous but that is the only way I can describe it.  I do not have any rashes or pimples, so nothing there to track. I do have old skin because I am old but it doesn’t look quite as old. Again, softer, as if I just moisturized.

Day 4

Taste keeps improving and so does the nausea and stomach pain.  No impact at all except that I am not at all hungry for several hours after drinking it. Still noticing the softness of the skin on my legs and face particularly.

I bought a juicer today.  My research tells me to look for one that is slow, the slower the better, as they are more efficient and quieter and, most important of all, easy to clean. The bigger the motor, the less noise.  Also it does a better job of preserving the vitamins if it is slower and does not heat up the juice.  Hurom H Slow Juicer is one of the better ones on the market. Kuving also has a good juicer.


celery juice

Celery Juice

Calories 65 kcal


  • 1 Bunch Celery


  • Instructions on how to make celery juice in a juicer:
    1.    Use 1 bunch of organic celery, cutting off the base to separate the stalks
    2.    Wash them in clean water to remove any debris
    3.    Feed the celery through your juicer.
    4.    Drink immediately.
    5.    Feel free to make enough for 2 days ( two bunches) and keep in a sealed mason jar the fridge.
    How to make celery juice in a blender:
    1.    Use 1 bunch of organic celery and cut off the base to separate the stalks
    2.    Wash them in clean water to remove any debris
    3.    Chop the celery stalks into 1-inch pieces and place them in your blender.
    4.    Blend until smooth. (You may have to add a bit of purified water, but I did not.)
    5.    Place a clean nut milk bag over the mouth of a pitcher or bowl and pour the blended celery through the nut milk bag. Use your hands to squeeze the celery juice through the bag. Or use cheese cloth and squeeze it until all of the liquid is gone
    6.    Drink immediately, or feel free to make enough for 2 days ( two bunches) and keep in sealed mason jar in the fridge.

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