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Why Are Americans Still Eating GMOs
By Dr. Renae Norton


Americans eating gmos

Maybe it’s the same reason that Americans are having the worst coronavirus outbreak in the world, with higher rates of infection, and more people dead, than any other country in the world. Either we don’t understand enough about the problem to make safe decisions for ourselves and our children, and/or we have such a strong belief that the United States is the land of freedom where our rights as individuals are protected and our safety is insured that we cannot see what is right in front of us. In other words, we can’t bring ourselves to see danger and corruption when it’s right in front of our faces? 

I have been researching and writing about GMO’s for the past 12 years. When I first started there were no non-GMO products in the grocery stores and information about the dangers they posed was available, but not widely distributed. So back then, I can see why we were more or less oblivious.   Of course, I tried to warn my friends and family and patients and for my efforts I generally got the big “Back off” reaction. I was being ridiculous, overly cautious, and too quick to judge. In a nutshell, I was an alarmist, a conspiracy theorist, a nut case.

One of my doctors even told me I sounded like a quack when I suggested that he might have a leaky gut based upon the symptoms he was sharing with me. Two years later he came to me worried that he did indeed have a leaky gut and could I fix it. (We did fix it…. A little bone broth, no more GMOs which tear holes in your gut, all organic foods, grass-fed beef, wild-caught fish… You know the drill.)

My sister is a farmer and back when I first began to understand the dangers posed by GMOs all of their crops were genetically engineered and/or being sprayed with glyphosate. She was also having a lot of health problems at the time. When I told her and her husband that they really ought to reconsider GMO crops they dismissed the advice. 

However over time, my sister began to see the light and they did switch from GMO crops to non-GMO crops. They also stopped using Glyphosate. My sister likes to be right so when she admitted to me six months ago that she was wrong and I was right and she had proof that even her husband could accept, I was astonished and thrilled. 

She explained that when they were using GMO crops and glyphosate, their fertility rate for the lambs and goats they raise and show was only about 50%. In the last several years, since they have switched to non-GMO crops, their fertility rate has risen to 84%. This is the difference between no profit and a nice profit.

After having this conversation, I decided to write an article on the relationship between GMO crops and the epidemic of infertility we are experiencing here in the United States.

I would love to live the life that my sister’s goats and sheep live. They get bathed, walked, exercised on their own little tread mill, combed, blanketed, fed special juice, kept warm in the winter and cool in the summer and now, thanks to me, fed a NonGMO diet. Yay! 

You name it, if there is a way to pamper them and create a healthier and meatier animal, my brother-in-law and sister are doing it. Life is good on the farm. The weather cooperated this year and they have had the best soybean crop, more hay than they’ve had in several years and the best fertility rate they’ve ever had. Score one for the gipper☺

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